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Kond Company comes with 20 years of experience in water treatment and distribution to customers’ locations. Kond has 2 modern factories, large in size and new technology. We have invested in automated technology and systems to guarantee consistent water quality.

Quality, safety and dedication to our Clients

Mission of Kond Company

Our mission is to inspire people to live healthier by drinking more water with high quality.

We bring water treated with European standards since 2000, to your homes and businesses, through an organized distribution system.

We are more motivated than ever to help Albanian families and businesses drink more high quality and safe water every day, because Kond is the right choice for a healthy lifestyle.

Create Healthy Habits (Drink More Water)

Help reduce environmental pollution (Polycarbonate Bottle is environmentally safe)

Choose the safest and most economical water (Only 200 ALL / Bottle)



Kond Water Bottle

Kond Water Distribution is focused on the need of different industries for distilled water as well as on the distribution of 20L water bottle along with water equipment (both cooling and heating) in various businesses and workshops.
For families Kond has come up with a very practical solution: a pump that is mounted on a 20L bottle and pumps water easily into the glass without much effort.

The reason why Kond operates 20L-type bottle is that the packaging (polycarbonate) has the same properties as glass for its cleanliness and is both highly resilient and resistant to damage.
Also the price of 20 liters of water is very competitive in the Albanian market and terribly cheap (only 200 ALL)
The Kond factory has open doors for anyone who wants to know about the different Kond water treatment and packaging processes and bottle enjoy the wonderful and unique environments inside the Kond factory, that are so special that they bottle not been found in any other place.