200 LEKË

Processing and remineralization

Kond water is obtained in the basin of the Gajde area of Berat and undergoes a rigorous process of processing with American technology offered by 11 stages.

The fastest stage is being processed by reverse osmosis where 100% pure water comes out, no metal present for attention or other dissolved substances and no bacteria / viruses.

It is further re-mineralized with the amount later for the organism with Minerals obtained from the German Alps such as Calcium and Magnesium.

This processing process guarantees maximum quality and assurance.

Washing and disinfecting the bottles

The process of washing and disinfecting the bottles begins with the removal of disposable cans from the bottles.

Every bottle is inserted into the automatic external washing machine and further into the internal washing machine where the bottles are washed and disinfected, which ensures 100% safe hygiene.

Filling and labeling of bottles

The sterilized bottles are ready to continue the automatic water filling process, followed by the washing of disposable corks and their placement in bottles, all fully automatic.

The final step is the placement of the label and the cork protective bag, which is an additional safety element and guarantees an original and very high quality product.

Quality, safety and dedication to our Clients